Lakeland's staffing service is designed to accomplished two things, employment for the employee and human resources problem solving for the client. Our qualified, screened and interviewed candidates vary is skills, experience and expertise and our goal is to match the employees skills and experience to suit the client's current and future staffing needs. Sometimes we will receive a call from a client requiring only one day of general receptionist coverage. We can do that. On other occasions we will get a request for a higher end, professional for full time employment with a company. We can do that too. We maintain a healthy pool of qualified, diverse, reliable and professional employees that want to work either part time, full time or term positions.

How do you apply?
Simply email, mail, fax or drop off your resume with a cover letter and two references. Its that simple. We will process your resume, contact you and arrange for an interview and see what you are looking for now and for the future.
How do you use our service? Simply contact our office using phone, fax, email or by mail and let us know what your current human resources needs are. We can provide you with a part-time, full time or permanent employee, matched for your current and future needs. Its that simple.

Why do businesses use staffing agencies?
It saves time, money and a lot of paperwork. All the advertising, screening, checking references, interviewing and hoping that the right choice was made can be very expensive for any company - large or small. Hiring your own employee also creates additional costs with payroll administration, government remittances and maintaining the employee file. Its that simple.

Why do employees choose to use an employment agency?
It save them time, money and a lot of paper work. Finding a job can be an expensive proposition. Printing resumes, going to interviews, calling prospective employers, answering ads and hoping you will be chosen for a position is time consuming and expensive. By dropping off a resume to Lakeland, you are utilizing a network of resources, an office of experience human resource professionals and you are targeting the sector where you are most employable. Plus, its free. We even make free copies of your resume for you.

If you are looking for a new job, changing careers or getting back into the workforce, we can help. If you are looking for that perfect employee, we can do that too!